PressPad partners with D&E Corporation in move to expand publishing platform into Japan

The digital publishing platform PressPad has announced it has signed an agreement to create a partnership with D&E Corporation that will introduce the platform to the Japanese market. With the agreement, D&E Corporation will be the the sole distributor of the PressPad digital publishing technology in Japan.

PressPad-in-JapanKrakow, Poland based PressPad offers a PDF sourced app solution with a unique pricing strategy: the vendor keeps the first $299 of revenue earned through issue sales inside the Apple App Store and Google Play stores, with the publisher keeping any revenue earned over that amount. If only one platform is deployed, then the cap is $199. (In Japan, the cap will be set at 32,000 yen.)

“PressPad believes in developing a long lasting relationships with D&E Corporation because only that way will it be possible to build real value, especially operating a business in such a different market, serving the specific needs of Japanese customer,” Paul Nowak, PressPad CEO said in the company’s announcement.

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