June 10, 2014 Last Updated 10:20 am

MagLoft launches its own Newsstand app in support of its new publishing platform

New digital magazine joins others created to promote new digital publishing platforms, as well as some new digital magazines from some more established software companies

When I am busy deleting spam comments from far off places that want to sell you Nike and Coach knock-offs, the occasional legitimate comment also is discovered. One of the more frequent commenters here is Nick Martin from the start-up platform MagLoft. When Nick launched his own digital magazine in support of MagLoft you might have expected him to brag about it here, but he did not, forcing me to stumble upon it just today.

MagLoft-issuesIt is hard to miss, if you have ever visited the company’s website, as the first issue features the same picture of its founder that is featured on the site.

“Tt all started when Nick wanted to create his own digital magazine,” the introductory column states in third person. “He had no idea how so he began searching on Google for various options. It quickly became obvious that creating his own digital magazine in the Apple Newsstand was going to be very expensive or technically challenging.”

At that point, the column continues, Nick Martin partnered with Tobias Strebitzer and the “the first line of code for Magloft on June 6th 2013.”

As then column states, MagLoft is still in beta, and the digital magazine – which is free to download and access – does reflect that. The app and two issues inside work just fine, but they are rather rudimentary looking. My suggestion would be to find a beta publishing partner, take their digital files, and work with them – that would provide already designed, professional looking content to work with.

The Newsstand app also comes with a second “issue” inside which allows the reader/publisher to log into their MagLoft account and find a token that allows them to use the new app as a previewer app.

If Nick is successful with MagLoft and sells every publisher on the planet on his new digital publishing platform, and then becomes a quadrillionaire, he should be in good shape: the third member of the new team is an ex-professional bodyguard who is known simply as “Richard”.

Here is a YouTube video, that is also inside the digital magazine, that shows readers the MagLoft editor which it calls Typeloft:


Oomph Viewer

This new app from MagLoft is certainly not the only digital magazine app from a digital publishing platform. Adobe has its own Newsstand app called Adobe Inspire, and there is a MagCast magazine app called Digital Publisher.

But most platform apps are preview apps – apps designed to let production staff preview their digital issues on an iPad prior to publication. Adobe, Mag+, Aquafadas, Quark, Oomph and others have these apps to assist in digital magazine production. But as far as I know, the MagLoft may be the first to combine both its own digital magazine, as modest as it is, with a preview mechanism in a Newsstand app. (The previewer app from Oomph is a stand-alone app, but it does contain marketing material, as well as the ability to take notes on the iPhone and iPad issues being previewed.)

  • Nick Martin 4 years ago

    Hey Doug, thanks for the write up. Yeah the MagLoft magazine is really mainly for the preview function at the moment, and we will be creating more issues with “real” content as soon as we get the chance. It’s incredibly inspiring working on MagLoft SaaS solution and we have a ton of features lined up. The MagLoft magazine does for sure need some more love and will contain mainly training content and gossip from the industry.

  • Katie 4 years ago

    MagLoft sounds promising. Other vendors in market including MagCast and MagCreators are too expensive. Basically a rip off. I am so far happy with MagLoft’s service.

    Their app has some scope of improvement but its far better than MagCast and MagCreators app.