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Apptitude Media relaunches a new iPad edition of the quarterly photography magazine Image

The official magazine of the Association of Photographers launches a new iPad edition built by the publisher who is also the UK agent for the Mag+ platform

The publisher of the British Journal of Photography (BJP) today announced the relaunch of the iPad edition of Image (Apple Newsstand link), the house organ for the Association of Photographers.

Image-iPad“It’s a fast moving world, and one that’s making the limited edition, fine art print world of galleries look more than a little staid. For our part, we’re happy to present this magazine as an app and tap into some of that energy,” writes Diane Smyth, editor of Image inside the new iPad edition.

“But that’s not to say we’ve abandoned print. As our article on food photography shows, the most interesting work in this field is being promoted through a new wave of food magazines, which are aimed at the cutting-edge minority rather than the mass market.”

Like the other magazines that have come out of Apptitude Media, the new tablet magazine uses the Mag+ platform to create its digital edition. Apptitude is the fairly new media company created when Incisive Media sold off the BJP to the new company founded by Marc Hartog, the former publishing director of the magazine. Hartog had joined Incisive Media in 1997.

Image-iPad-column“Apptitude Media is delighted to work with the Association of Photographers to bring Image magazine to life on the Mag+ platform,” Hartog said it its own announcement for the new Newsstand app. “The forward-thinking AOP team have understood that the formerly printed members’ magazine reinvented as a bespoke and compelling digital version provides immense opportunity to expand the global membership base and delight readers around the world with high-quality content. We are at the beginning of the biggest change to how people consume content in a generation, and it is innovation such as this that will encourage adoption by both readers and advertisers.”

The new app allows readers to download a sample issue. What one finds is a hybrid edition where the editorial layouts are native to the iPad, and the advertising is pretty much as seen in print (though at least one ad is enhanced with an embedded video). The look is clean, easy to read and navigate, and is a good mix of interactive and static magazine pages.

This not a boring conversion of a print magazine, but a real effort to incorporate native tablet features, without going too crazy with bells and whistles. As a result, the file size for the sample issue comes in at a rather modest 262 MB despite the presence of video content.

In other words, exactly what you would expect from Apptitude Media and a digital edition designed using the Mag+ platform.

Apptitude Media has created a promotional video for the new app and posted it on Vimeo:

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