May 28, 2014 Last Updated 7:31 am

Media app updates: the NYT updates iOS apps to add section for the World Cup, platforms update previewer apps

Other updated apps include Zinio’s updated iOS app which introduces a new library design, improve search of content

The New York Times last night issued updates for its iOS apps in preparation for the upcoming World Cup in Brazil, which begins June 12.

NYT-iPad-paywallThe update does not add another section already 35 inside the app, though the new coverage may appear closer to the time of the first game.

The NYT, because it is pursuing a paid content strategy, has opted to throw as much content as possible at subscribers within its apps, rather than launching new brands. This strategy may be changing soon in response to increased efforts on the part of competitors to knock off chucks of old media’s readership with niche news products that promise a tighter focus.

The problem for the NYT is this: with all their eggs in one basket, the NYT itself, any efforts to create new brands could undermine their digital subscription efforts. The NYT, in short, is in a bind of its own making.

The update is version 3.1.1 and also includes some bug fixes. The update is the tenth of the year for the app, the majority of which involved bug fixes, and the 15th since the release of iOS 7. The NYT’s iPhone app was also updated.

The NYT also quietly renamed their apps. The iPhone app had previously simply been named NYTimes. The paper recently added “Breaking National & World News” to its apps names. The reason is simply that new apps require a new name within Apple’s rather crazy app system.

A couple of previewer apps were updated: Aquafadas updated its Aquafadas Viewer for iOS app, while AppMachine Previewer was also updated for bug fixes.

The Aquafadas update added French localization and a fix for opening AVE comic files. The update also now allows users to test their content for up to 60 consecutive days if you have an app license.

Zinio-iPad-libraryPreviewer apps are used to test new app and issue designs on an iPad or other device (depending on the app) and are frequently updated along side updates to the platforms themselves.

The stand-alone content app PublishSoSimply was also updated. The app, like Flipboard and others, attempts to get consumers and publishers to produce content that is trapped in their app. The lack of user reviews appears to signal that the idea is getting old.

Zinio issued a fairly extensive iOS app update for its app named Zinio – 5,000+ Digital Magazines. The update introduces a new library page and a improved search.

Zinio’s iOS and Android apps appear on different update schedules. The app inside Google Play, name dthe same as the iOS app, was updated on the 19th and included the search update, but no mention of a new library design appears.

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