Graphicly co-founder Micah Baldwin joins book and magazine publishing platform Blurb

The indie book and magazine publishing platform Blurb today announced that it will be bringing onboard Micah Baldwin, co-founder of Graphicly, an early pioneer in eBook creation for illustrated books, such as comics, graphic novels and children’s books.

05c92e0“This acquisition of incredibly relevant talent will help us advance our vision of 21st century authoring,” Eileen Gittins, Blurb founder and CEO, said in the company’s announcement. “What self publishers need now is the ability to focus on the creative aspect of authoring, with output automatically generated for all relevant ebook formats, as well as print output.”

“After spending four years working on digital publishing, it became clear that we were telling half the story,” said Baldwin. “Print is not dead, it’s wildly important in the natural growth of creators, but it too is only half the story for self publishers now. Combining the best in class print platform from Blurb, with all the ebook learning the Graphicly team has accrued over the past four years, was just too compelling an opportunity to pass up.”

Blurb recently launched new book design software and announced a distribution program with Blurb also entered into a licensing agreement with Hewlett-Packard to incorporate its MagCloud service into their own offerings.

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