May 22, 2014 Last Updated 10:27 am

Talking New Media has a shopping list, can you help out?

TNM is looking for new projects, new partners, and new advertisers as the site and publishing company moves into Year Two

In a couple of weeks TNM will be reaching an anniversary: it was one year ago, on June 7 of last year that the site shutdown for a June hiatus… and never returned. Never returned to its Blogger address, that is – launching a new site on July 1 here.


The old Blogspot site

Initially the idea was that the site, which seemed stuck at a certain modest amount of readership, would only survive to serve the marketing needs of TNM Digital Media, a digital publishing start-up that would produce eBooks and digital magazines. A funny thing happened, though: one grew much faster than expected (the website’s traffic grew 400% after the relaunch), while the other took far more time (the digital publishing start-up is still in launch/experiment mode).

As a result, there are certain things TNM and TNM Digital Media will need going forward into Year Two. Maybe you, or someone you know can help us with one of these items:

  • A Publicity Partner: as we continue to publish eBooks and the occasional print book, publicity is the missing piece of the puzzle. Since we are still in start-up mode hiring a full time marketing person is out of the question, but bringing on a partner who would get a piece of the royalties is not. Drive awareness, make money. It’s different way to do this, but then again we don’t need 24/7 attention, just steady effort.
  • More Monday Books Content: One of the new features that I particularly enjoy is the look at books on Monday. The column is so loosely defined that almost anything works. I really like the look at the Spies of Mississippi column, but then again anything coming out of Joe Zeff Design is interesting. Only a handful of publishers have reached out to offer up their new releases, and many of them are not appropriate – no digital edition, nothing to do with publishing. But if you are a publisher of books and are doing interesting things in digital, or have a new book about publishing, considering reaching out to TNM, the Books on Monday column is waiting.
  • Wednesday Tech Column: Started in March, the column on Wednesday was supposed to be a technical column on digital publishing, written by the companies involved in the industry. Unfortunately, many of the columns were really opinion pieces – like Mike Haney (of Mag+) excellent column on reinventing subscriptions – but many companies could not resist and submitted columns that read like press releases. Some were good enough to run, others were rejected. Barely 50 percent of submitted columns ran. This is one reason I reached out to Nadi Tsech for her series on designing interactive magazines. Going forward we will still need more contributions for the Wednesday Column, and are looking for good technical information that TNM’s readers – who are in the industry and quite knowledgeable, after all – will find informative.
  • Book Projects: TNMDM continues to produce eBooks. The next project will be announced soon and should be of interest to TNM readers. We are also looking at projects outside the world of publishing including a new project on film (early stages of development at this point). I’ve reached out to several readers and contributors about new book projects, but I think some may have thought I was just being polite. No, we really do want more projects. To dates, TNMDM has published three print books and four eBooks (three that are interactive). Have any ideas? Of course, to make them profitable we will need publicity help, so don’t go thinking there is serious money to be made at this point. But let’s talk.
  • Digital Magazine Projects: This one may be harder as several of TNM’s readers who were doing design work for projects here have gone and gotten good jobs. How dare they! But the idea is still that TNMDM would like to launch some new digital magazines – either new titles or digital editions of existing brands.
  • Advertising: Yep, we need revenue, just like another enterprise. The ads that appear on this website today are either coming from ad networks or are used to promote projects. But with this level of readership, over 25K digital publishing professionals each month, TNM is a hell of a place to promote your business (assuming it is somehow related to digital publishing). TNM rates are ridiculously low, but then again TNM is just one revenue stream for us. Contact TNM and we’ll send out the rate card. (Thing 30 or 90 day campaigns, at a set cost.)

Finally, over two dozen people are contributors to Talking New Media, and more are involved as partners on the publishing projects. That is why I use the word “we” here. We’re looking for more partners and contributors, can you help?

  • Tablazines 4 years ago

    So I see things are going well. Good for you. I’m about to jump back into it as well.

    • D.B. Hebbard 4 years ago

      Tablazines, if readers don’t know, is Chris English. Chris has launched several digital magazines into the Apple App Store including Hoodgrown, Maybach and Rapp Weekly, using a variety of different digital publishing platforms. He is also an early reader of TNM, back in the prehistoric days of 2010.