May 21, 2014 Last Updated 4:11 pm

The Wednesday Column(s): Designing an interactive magazine – Pagination

Each Wednesday, Talking New Media invites industry leaders to discuss industry topics involving digital publishing. This month we feature the columns of Nadi Tsech, a digital magazine designer based in Prague. Nadi’s own blog can be found at, where her wonderful use of graphics makes each post a pleasure to read. This is the fifth in the series of seven posts; links the sixth and then seventh posts can be found at the bottom of this page.

Multimedia is the most powerful tool of an interactive magazine.
Use video and audio to get readers’ attention and make articles
more interesting.


There are 2 ways of numbering pages: either use software pagination endeavour or design a custom page footer carta-fundamental-1. It’s important to not only show the number of pages but also indicate how far through an issue readers are mint-interactive-magazined186 mint-interactive-magazine



The sixth column in this series – Slideshows – can be found here

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