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Designing an interactive magazine – Galleries

This is the seventh of the design columns from Nadi Tsech, a digital magazine designer based in Prague. There are seven columns as part of this series, with the final three published today. Nadi’s own blog can be found at

I’m certain that all print designers dream to have such a powerful tool as a gallery. Galleries changed a magazine’s structure and make it possible to place more pictures and more information without overloading pages and without forcing readers to see all pictures.


Readers can choose to see all pictures in a gallery or selectively tap to a preview images. Designers’ main task is to choose the most suitable type of a gallery for the particular pictures.

6 Types of Galleries:

Thumbnails. The most popular buttons’ type. Thumbnails give an idea of all pictures and a reader can tap the only ones he likes.


Transparent thumbnails




Icons. Often icons are used if pictures consist of many small details and thumbnails don’t give an idea of original pictures. Icons also can be used if there are understandable symbols.


Numbers. Use numbers if buttons signify values, dates, charts, steps or as a alternative to thumbnails and icons. Look at Audi magazine screencast, it’s a good example of using numbers because neither thumbnails nor icons are informative in this case.


Text. Often a few words can describe better than a picture.



There’s no need to place all thumbnail on a screen, use a scrollable frame to slide through them.


There are seven posts in this series, which originally appeared on Nadi Tsech’s own blog at

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TNM thanks Nadi Tsech for allowing us to repost this series here.

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