May 21, 2014 Last Updated 8:11 am

Aquafadas releases version 3.3 of its digital publishing system

Guided Reading, Push Notifications and support for Chinese headline the new 3.3 release; users can save 50% for a limited time on premium digital publishing marketing tools

Press Release:

Montpellier, France – May 21, 2014 -– Aquafadas, developer of digital publishing solutions, has just released version 3.3 of its Digital Publishing System, an ecosystem of seamlessly integrated apps that include – InDesign Authoring, Cloud Authoring, Comic Composer, Aquafadas Viewer, AppFactory, Cloud Connect and MotionComposer. The Aquafadas Digital Publishing System apps are designed to manage any digital publishing scenario from digital content and app creation to distribution and marketing. The new version 3.3 improves on existing features such as easier access push notifications, while adding advanced capabilities like Guided Reading for ePUB.

logo_aquafadasblack.160443“By regularly improving and updating the Aquafadas Digital Publishing System, our tools help publishers stay at the cutting edge of digital content creation and distribution,” comments Allison Reber, director of communications at Aquafadas. “They can rely on Aquafadas as a technology partner to improve their apps, allowing them to stay focused on the content creation aspect of digital publishing. It’s inspiring to see how Aquafadas users are utilizing the new content enrichment tools, transforming static copy into beautiful, fluid designs.”

What’s New in the Aquafadas Digital Publishing System: InDesign Authoring
Designed for a wide range of skill sets, the InDesign Authoring component of the Aquafadas Digital Publishing System lets design agencies, in-house designers and freelancers easily create interactive content for apps and eBooks. Sporting the lion’s share of the feature updates for the 3.3 release, the enhancements to InDesign Authoring ensure users can output digital content to the latest operating systems, incorporating engaging, interactive content that elevates the level of reader engagement and comfort.

  • Guided Reading for ePUB: A PDF replica is not appealing when read on a tablet or eReader. An Aquafadas exclusive, the Guided Reading feature is now compatible with ePUB, the format most popular for simple print-to-digital conversions. Guided Reading removes the need to pan and zoom, creating a vastly more comfortable reading experience for end users.
  • New Premium “Signature” Enrichment: This enrichment lets the customer hand-write his or her name in the digital book and register it for a more personal experience. By offering features that make their digital book unique, publishers can win over new readers.
  • Now Available in Chinese: The plugin has added Chinese to the list of available languages, which currently include French, English and Japanese.

Aquafadas Digital Publishing System 3.3 Across the Board Updates

New App Templates in AppFactory
AppFactory provides various templates to create an app without any coding whatsoever. To stay compatible with the latest improvement of iOS 7.1 as well as the newest enrichments of Aquafadas 3.3, users simply update their app.

myKiosk Transforms into Aquafadas Viewer
Aquafadas’ easy-to-use tool for testing out InDesign Authoring innovations, myKiosk now becomes Aquafadas Viewer.

Push Notifications Now Available Through Aquafadas Connect*
Publishers can now purchase and manage push notifications through Aquafadas Connect, the portal for managing the complete Digital Publishing System workflow. Aquafadas’ push notification system allows publishers to send relevant, timely information directly to their users’ home screens, even when the app is inactive. This notification system has been shown to increase user engagement, often by as much as 30-60%, and is especially effective when it comes to re-engaging with a dormant audience. Notifications can include:

  • A message and link to a web page
  • An invitation to discover another app
  • A message inviting users to rate an app

Furthermore, publishers can send personalized messages by:

  • Geo location
  • Usage, for example, someone who has used the app several times this month versus someone who has been inactive
  • Language

*Save 50% on Original Cost of Premium Digital Publishing Marketing Tools
Now through May 23rd, Aquafadas is offering publishers a 50% discount on premium digital publishing marketing tools.

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