May 19, 2014 Last Updated 2:50 pm

The Washington Post updates its tablet edition, adding more story share options, and local news customization options

Apple Newsstand app is a cross between a NYT-styled iPad edition and a replica edition that reformats stories for easier tablet reading

The Washington Post has released an undated for its The Washington Post for iPad Newsstand app. The app update increases the share options on stories and allows for additional customization options. The update may have also added a bug to the app, if my own experiences with it are any indication.

WaPo-iPad-settingsThe app description does not spell out the added share options, but readers can now share stories via Message, Mail and Twitter. Facebook is oddly still missing. One can also add the story to Reading List, Copy. Open in Chrome and Open in Safari (the Chrome option is odd for an iPad app, obviously one of the developers is a huge Chrome fan).

The update also allows readers to customize Top Stories by adding in more local news. This is done through the Settings tab.

I also experience an odd glitch in the app, as well. Tapping through the settings and share options resulting in the front page reflowing improperly. I created a screenshot of the phenomenon, which could only be corrected by shutting down the app and relaunching it. The reason you don’t see a screenshot of it here is that all attempts to duplicate the bug failed – so maybe the majority of readers won’t encounter it, or maybe it was isolated to some strange behavior by my iPad.

The WaPo app is a hybrid of sorts: it is like the NYT’s tablet edition in that it takes the news from the paper’s CMS and reformats the stories in a similar fashion to the web; and the app also contains print replica editions for those who want a newspaper experience. Tapping the headlines of the replica pulls up the story, reformatted for tablets.

This style of replica-to-native tablet edition is increasingly popular in newspaper apps. But I think we will begin to see this more in magazine apps, as well. The problem with using this for magazines is that there is much more design work that goes into a magazine page and this will be missing. In a newspaper, the emphasis is generally missing (though it is more common in Sunday editions).

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