May 16, 2014 Last Updated 7:59 am

Apple begins allowing app developers to use promo codes for in-app purchases

New policy will allow publishers to offer current subscribers, early users and reviewers access to issues within an app

Apple is now allowing developers to create promo codes for in-app purchases, a feature that might come in handy for some publishers who wish to offer access to issues that must be purchased inside an otherwise free app.

RealRacing-iPhone5-lgThe feature was designed to allow game developers who produce freemium apps to give away access to the paid features inside their apps. This is especially helpful when trying to gain publicity for an app in the media.

(TNM rarely receives promo codes and usually must buy a single issue in order to first look first hand at new Newsstand apps. Promo codes are generally only received for eBooks and stand-alone paid apps.)

One developer that is finding this useful is PressPad who has tried to implement a similar system for its magazine customers. But the company had run into problems when apps were rejected as a violation of 11.1 of the Apple Developer Guidelines which specifies that “Apps that unlock or enable additional features or functionality with mechanisms other than the App Store will be rejected.”

Apple, however, released their apps that used in-app promo codes after communicating with the app review team.

iTunesConnect-3-featureMost large magazines can offer print subscribers free access through a log-in mechanism, but subscription verification services can be expensive for small and self-publishers. The system does allow, however, media access through guest log-in passwords. In-app promo codes is a simpler, though limited way this can be handled.

Apple also rolled out its new version of iTunes Connect universal app..

“iTunes Connect has been completely redesigned to make it even easier to manage your products,” the app description states. “In addition, you can now use the iTunes Connect app to access the music, movies, and TV shows you have made available on the iTunes Store.”

Apple emailed holders of paid book accounts, informing them of changes in the iBooks Store:

To improve your experience on the iBooks Store, we’ve introduced the following features and updates:

  • Auto-Generated Book Samples
  • New Catalog Report Fields
  • Updated iBooks Documentation
  • Understanding Financial Reports and Sales and Trends

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