May 14, 2014 Last Updated 6:32 pm

Jill Abramson, first woman to hold top editor position at the NYT, unexpectedly resigns

Dean Baquet, the paper’s managing editor, will replace Abramson immediately

The New York Times surprised their readers, and the journalism community, by announcing that Jill Abramson, the executive editor at the paper, is “unexpectedly” leaving the position. The NYT named managing editor Dean Baquet as her replacement.

Abramson-feature“I’ve loved my run at The Times. I got to work with the best journalists in the world doing so much stand-up journalism,” Abramson said in a statement.

“Jill Abramson has my sincere thanks for not just preserving and extending the excellence of our news report during her time as executive editor, but also for inspiring her colleagues to adjust their approach to how we deliver the news,” Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., the publisher of The New York Times and chairman of The New York Times Company, said. “Her leadership helped further The Times down the path to our digital future, particularly with her embrace and oversight of new platforms and products like The Upshot, NYT Now and NYT5.”

“It is an honor to be asked to lead the only newsroom in the country that is actually better than it was a generation ago, one that approaches the world with wonder and ambition every day,” Baquet said. “The talented journalists of The New York Times make it the greatest news operation in history and I look forward to working with them to deliver the world’s most engaging and enterprising journalism.”

Twitter lit up with reaction from the news industry as the news came as a shock as there was very little evidence of any friction that might have led to the move.

Sulzberger wrote a memo to staff that many will go over for clues as to the motivation behind the move.

“This appointment (or Baquet) comes at a time when the newsroom is about to embark on a significant effort to transition more fully to a digital-first reality and where, across the organization, we are all learning to adapt to the rapid pace of change in our business,” wrote Sulzberger.

  • Simonzee1 4 years ago

    You watch things explode at the NYT as the lefties turn on each other. And the Democrats are doing the same in Washington over Keystone approvals and various appointments. It appears the underpaid Abramson not only failed to smash through the glass ceiling she was pushed over a glass cliff. That paper is falling apart like Fairfax papers here in Australia…

    This is why Obama is going after the conservative media as the FEC commissioners warned conservatives of. If you can’t win the argument just persecute those who are persuasive. No different to what Facebook…USA Today are doing to online commentators. Zuckerberg as a Jew should know what happens when free speech is closed down and governments close down alternate voices…shops…institutions..and so on and so on like we saw in Nazi Germany.

    Add this to Obamas reverse engineering of the internet through his FCC proposals that puts traditional media in their partnerships with ISP’s in the seat over Google who manipulates elections through listings and you get a real battle royal of the left.

    Such a shame for the left…as Obama was getting going on his race baiting and Michelle on her check your privilege crusade.

    You know when the left wing fascism is pretty well developed as an ideology when they start putting knives into each other. That’s why its important to point out the hypocricy and foolishness of ideologies that are present in the first place…before it all comes out in the wash. Just like pointing out that Massachusetts “hate speech laws” are being crafted in a state that once burned witches. I guess you heard Kerry say that sorting out Libya would be not much different from sorting out the state of Massachusetts. The mind boggles.


    Simon Smith