May 14, 2014 Last Updated 8:05 am

Google issues major update to iOS Search app; Facebook updates Messenger app

Adobe adds ability to add music from users collection to new Adobe Voice storytelling app

The search engine Google today issued a major update for its Google Search app for iOS, bringing the app up to version 4.0. The update brings a more conversational tone to the voice commands.

GoogleSearch-iPhone5-lgThe example Google uses in the app description is this: 1) tap microphone or say “OK Google” to start; 2) ask question such as ““What’s the weather like?”; 3) then ask “How about this weekend?”

The idea here is that the last question won’t be answered in isolation from the first so that Google Search knows that the question involves the weather.

My own testing of the update didn’t go so well. I was able to get the app to answer a simple first question, but it did not do so well with follow-ups.

Early reviews such as this one from ZDNet give the new app raves, and say it puts Siri to shame. But I have found that Siri has greatly improved recently, and is particularly good for dictation of emails and messages, less so for search.

Another update for iOS comes from Facebook for its Messenger app. The update to version 5.1 allows for sending videos from the iPhone camera roll and playing those that one receives right in the Messenger app; the same idea goes for photos.

Both apps, the Google and Facebook apps, are secondary apps to Apple’s own apps or ways of searching. As such, they have to be vastly superior to get users to break their habits.

AdobeVoice-video-featureAdobe has updated its brand new Adobe Voice – Show Your Story application (see first look post on the app here).

The most important addition is the ability to add music from your own collection into your stories. If you haven’t played around with the app, which is free, it is highly recommended for killing time over the weekend rather than cutting the grass.

What’s New in Version 1.1

  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Performance enhancements.
  • You can now add songs from your own music library.

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