Adobe launches storytelling app for the iPad: Adobe Voice

The free app can be fun to play with and has potential, though journalists will find it limiting… or maybe not

One never knows if something that was originally designed to be a game, or a simple tool, or a way of sharing things, can become more that that when refined and used by professionals. Take Twitter, a simple idea that has become a major tool for journalists and publishers.

AdobeVoice-videoOn Wednesday Adobe launched a new, free iPad app called Adobe Voice which is already number on in the Apple App Store. The app could have have been placed in a number of categories, but Adobe chose Productivity, which may (or may not) mean Adobe sees the new app as more than just a time waster.

The idea is incredibly simple: the app lets you create videos by compiling images with voice recordings. One creates a new slide (if you will), press the mic button to record a sentence or two, then pick an graphic to accompany the recording. The user pieces together their story one slide at a time, like one might a Keynote (PowerPoint) presentation. One could also do this fairly easily using something like iMovie.

But the key to any new app such as this one is that it can make creating the end product even easier – and it makes sharing easy.

I use iMovie the make the digital edition videos seen on the site. The reason is that the process is easy, ands they can be quickly uploaded to YouTube, where I can take the URL and insert it into a post. With Adobe Voice one can get embed code code

With Adobe Voice one can share the finished videos via Facebook, Twitter, Message, Email, or by copying the link. Here is the short sample video I created for this story that was tweeted: Adobe Voice sample.

I hate making predictions about new apps like this one, one never knows the kind of support Adobe might give it, and how the public will embrace it. Twitter certainly had (has) high hopes for Vine, for instance. The key may be the app’s current capabilities and what may be added over time… as well as the creativity of those who use the app.

Here are two Adobe videos concerning Adobe Voice:

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