May 8, 2014 Last Updated 9:25 am

TC Transcontinental: Canadian publisher uses Adobe DPS to create attractive, digital editions

Two Canadian media company TC Transcontinental, which releases apps under its older name of Transcontinental Inc., is compiling an impressive portfolio of digital magazines editions inside the Apple Newsstand.

Cellier-iPad-lgThe latest magazine to be launched into the Newsstand is Cellier Nouvel Arrivage, a food and wine magazine published for Société des Alcools du Québec. The magazine can be read in both portrait and landscape, and is free to download and access (assuming your iTunes account believes you are at least 18 years of age).

Canada lets the ten provinces regulate alcohol, resulting in separate liquor boards (only Alberta has privatized the retail liquor industry, though it maintains distribution rights, outsourcing it to private industry.

So the purpose of the magazine, then, is to promotes liquor sales, a situation that some in the U.S. would find strange. Because of this, the feature article in the latest issue on BBQ ribs features a wine to accompany the dish, and a tap of an icon brings up information on the recommended wine.
The first digital edition TNM looked at from TC Continental is the most popular title in the U.S. App Store, The Hockey News (see original post here). The digital edition has received mostly 5-star ratings except for those readers who have encountered problems with the subscription mechanism.

Other tablet editions released include ones for Canadian Living, Elle Canada Magazine, Magazine Elle Quebec and Véro Magazine. In all, the publisher has 17 apps for the iPad, of which 12 are in the Newsstand – and mercifully, none are universal apps as the publisher also has 12 separate mobile apps.

The digital editions from TC Continental are uniformly well-produced and readable. The exception of some subscription hiccups, there is not much to complain about here, and much to praise.

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