May 7, 2014 Last Updated 2:54 pm

Wednesday column: Designing an Interactive Magazine – Pop-ups

This is the second of the design columns from Nadi Tsech, a digital magazine designer based in Prague. There will be seven columns as part of this series, two published each Wednesday. Nadi’s own blog can be found at

Digital magazines have 9 basic features to interact with readers. The 1st and one of the most important features is “more info” or “+” button. Let’s have a look how “+” button is used.



There are 145 “+” buttons from different digital magazines. We can see that the most used symbols are “+”, “i” and green-building-design-50-copy. In many magazines we even can find 2 or 3 icons: img_0015-copy img_0015.


Statistic: “+”: 76 %, “i”: 16 %, green-building-design-50-copy: 6 %, Other symbols: 2 %.
Circle shape: 73 %


How users expect the “+” button to work?
When I click / tap t3-img_1821 I usually expect to see a popup frame or window. Let’s see some examples.


I clicked t3-img_1821, I saw the popup, now I need to close it (Captain Obvious!).

Usually we can see this australian-home-technology-4 or this fashionguide-for-ipad-3-copy symbol. But sometimes there is no button and it means we should simply tap the popup window to close it.



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