May 6, 2014 Last Updated 2:37 pm says Russian government testing software to monitor online media for obscene language (дерьмо!)

The website says the government is testing software to use in monitoring online media for obscene language in both editorial content and user comments. The software will be needed to enforce a new law signed by President Vladimir Putin banning obscene language.

As the words would easily appear in services such as Google translate – ебать, дерьмо and цифровой журнал* – one wonders how this will be enforced. Whatever, the fine for use of such language is 200,000 rubles, which sounds like a lot. But while that equals $5,500 today, by the time the software comes on line the ruble may be worthless.

Media outlets get two warnings within a year before they are subject to a fine. But if a site uses пизда and хуй in the same sentence does that count as one violation, or two? Only Putin knows.

* digital magazine

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