May 6, 2014 Last Updated 12:18 pm

Mag+ updates platform and Reviewer app, adds automatic plug-in update check

The digital publishing platform Mag+ today updated its platform, as well as its Reviewer app which helps designer preview their digital issues.

The platform update comes with a new naming scheme: from now on the name of the version will be determined by the version system and the month and year of the update. So the latest update is called Mag+ 5, 2014-5.

Here are the changes to be found in the latest update:

MagPlus-update-pluginAutomatic Updating: The plug-in now automatically checks for updates, or you can run a manual check, and the Production Tool automatically installs when the installer is run for the plug-in – eliminating a two-step process.

Search back in Library/Store: Meant to help readers find issues, this will search the title and description of the issue as entered in Publish.

Choose third-party services: Choose from the third-party services offered such as analytics like Localytics and Omniture, to marketing tools like Appboy and eMagazines.

Auto-play Media Options: The new auto-play feature now allow you more options such as play on load, play when media comes into view, play once, and play once per issue.

The Reviewer update’s info:

What’s New in Version 5.1
– 64-bit
– 3rd party ads can be tested/reviewed again
– Auto start for media per vertical and issue options
– Various bug fixes

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