May 2, 2014 Last Updated 8:19 am

App updates: Apple approves updates for controversial Russian magazine titles; Kobo Books fixes blue screen issue on iOS app

The Russian digital magazines that contain both nude magazine and video content got their apps updated today, a quick turnaround from the Apple app team that would make many mainstream magazine publisher jealous. The updates for Vanilla pleasure magazine and BoxofSweets magazine were to “fixed technical problems…” according to the app descriptions.

One issue that makes Apple’s reversal in its policy to clamp down on nude magazine content is that the move has not been accompanied by the creation of a new category for the adult content. While content containing nudity generally gets placed in its own, segregated area on a physical newsstand, these apps are allowed to use the standard Apple categories. In the case of “Lifestyle” and “Health & Fitness” in the App Store, and “Men’s Interest” inside the Newsstand.

TNM has reached out to the MPA for comment on this issue concerning categories – and also to Playboy, a magazine that in the past has expressed interest in launching an app for the Newsstand but had been rebuffed by Apple. The content in Playboy is far less provocative than that seen in the apps Apple has been approving of late.

seo_cw_productThe Newsstand app for New Internationalist Magazine Australia was updated last night. The app, seen in this post yesterday, is a universal Newsstand app that delivers reformatted versions of the articles in the print magazine.

The update adds article preview images onto the table of contents pages, and fixes a problem seen on some older iOS devices.

Other apps updated include the Kobo Books iOS app. The update fixes an issue where the app might fail to launch, producing a blue screen for the user. has also issued a bug fix update for its iOS At Bat app.

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