May 1, 2014 Last Updated 7:58 am

YUDU launches PageTiler, a HTML5 solution for sharing magazine samples

Press Release:

London, England –May 1, 2014 — Today YUDU announce the release of PageTiler; designed to engage readers quickly on mobile devices with high-resolution reading. The reading experience emulates that of a physical magazine stand, where consumers can browse through pages of the magazine ahead of making a single issue or subscription purchase. PageTiler is also ideal for free magazines or marketing promotions to gain both new digital and print readers.

gI_58787_yudu-logoPublishers simply need to distribute PageTiler links with their online campaigns. Marketing Managers and agencies spend a lot of time generating new content for sharing ideas around their magazines. Online communities are key, and top brands know that fans can be enticed with interesting blog posts, freebies and contests. Now there’s a new way for said Managers to grow their brands; they can simply upload their actual magazines to YUDU Publisher which returns the live link that can be shared across Social Media.

The launch is being spearheaded by Richard Stephenson, YUDU CEO: “This is the right product at the right time. The passionate magazine fan wants an app but the occasional reader needs instant access with no need to install anything on their device. Today’s rule is for digital magazines to be available everywhere, so Page Tiler is designed to reach the 40% of mobile device users who use the browser in preference to Apps.”

From a reader’s perspective it’s an instant reading experience, which removes the need to search for apps in the stores, or wait around for magazines to download. For publishers, it’s clear that, speed in a digital world will get their content seen faster.

Tiling technology handles even the most complex images with excellent resolution on all devices, including those with retina screens. Being able to showcase content in this format not only gives publishers the ability to give readers the opportunity to sample content, but to also deliver an excellent quality of reading experience which will convert even the most skeptical reader.

The main advantage of this format over competing ways of sharing magazines in the browser, is that of strategic control. Full statistics and data collection opportunities are available and YUDU believe that this will give publishers the background data they need to augment their future publishing strategy.

For more information on YUDU PageTiler, contact Laura Austin via email marketing(at)yudu(dot)com or 020 7430 6609.

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