April 30, 2014 Last Updated 9:28 am

Last day to download the Tablet Publishing app from App Store

Experiment in an interactive digital magazine for publishing professionals failed to find its audience

The digital magazine app, Tablet Publishing – Winter 2013, is scheduled to be pulled from the Apple App Store at the end of the day today as the digital magazine’s content is quickly becoming out-of-date, and no further updating of the app, or additional issues are planned at this time.

The app was launched by TNM Digital Media, the publisher of Talking New Media, in November of last year. (Here are the original three stories about the app, its development, and the issues we had with Apple’s App Store team.)

TabPub-mbp-tab-coverThe project was part of a series of digital publishing experiments initiated in the fall of last year, which also included two photography eBooks and the Talking Digital book and eBook projects (all can be found on the TNM Digital Media website).

The app was designed by Konstantinos Antonopoulos, and contains a Guide to Digital Publishing Platforms for Magazine Publishers, an interactive directory. The companies included in the Guide are: 29th Street Publishing, Adobe, Aquafadas, App Studio (Quark), Aysling Digital Media Solutions, Baker Framework, Better Press, Bluepaper, BlueToad, CoverPage, DoApp, eDition, ePublish4me, ExactEditions, FutureFolio, Genwi, Glide, GoPublish, HP – MagCloud, ImgZine, iMirius, Mag+, MagCast, Magzter, MAZ, Nxtbook Media, Oomph, Origami Engine, PadCMS, PageSuite, PressMatrix, PressPad, PRSS, PugPig, Realview Digital, Red Foundry, Scoopkit, Tablet Publisher Pro, TapEdition, Twixl, Type Engine, WoodWing, Woopi, and ZMags.

Because the app was created in order to experiment with the digital publishing platform, many aspects of a successful magazine launch were not implemented. For instance, there was no formal promotion effort beyond informing a few media outlets of the app’s existence (and none chose to write about it), and no email list was ever compiled for marketing purposes. There was also zero advertising support for the app. As a result, downloads (sales, as the app originally cost $3.99) were in the hundreds rather than the thousands, and few TNM readers ever downloaded the app. (Only two reviews of the app appear in the App Store, and one was a one-star review!)

The information contained in the Guide will updated and eventually be reformatted into another digital publishing product. More to come on that effort later.

So, if you are digital publishing professional, and would like to see an experiment in digital B2B publishing targeted specifically at you, then I recommend downloading Tablet Publishing today. The app is now priced at $1.99.

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