April 30, 2014 Last Updated 7:40 am

Horror in Oklahoma; Apple-Samsung case goes to jury; is there a need for CC tab apps?

The front page of most newspaper around the country today feature either the faces of black men who faced the death penalty, or that of a rich, landlord who owns a sports team but is now banned by his sport. Both stories are driving millions of online commenters, many advocating lynching criminals as a solution to crime and punishment.

Commenting drives traffic, which drives revenue, though in far smaller amounts than paid advertising did in the past. Yet, media orthodoxy today is that publishers should not turn off commenting to stem hateful speech. Thankfully, like those four years ago that advocated that the only digital medium worth pursuing was the web, their advice is being ignored by more and more publishers. Good. These media critics are charlatans, plain and simple. Publishers, do what you have to do to make your products better, more civil places for discourse.

The Apple-Samsung case went to the jury yesterday. Is there some place we can send sympathy cards?

screen480x480Adobe updated its Adobe Photoshop Express iOS app last night. The update makes iOS 7 cosmetic changes, as well as adding some enhancements such as Instagram and SMS sharing, and a pet-eye correction solution.

The timing of the update is interesting to me as just in the past couple of days I have had a couple of design professionals ask me about my opinion of Creative Cloud apps coming to iOS. Their thinking is that now that Microsoft has issued an iOS version of Office that maybe it is time Adobe thought seriously about tablet versions of some of their professional apps.

Adobe currently has 34 tablet apps inside the Apple App Store, though many users have recently complained about the version of Photoshop Touch currently available. One designer, a Mac guy, even mentioned that it might be a good idea to launch pro level apps for the Microsoft Surface first, as Apple has been slow to upgrade iOS to add better multitasking and other elements necessary to allow for using the iPad as a substitute for a laptop (at least while mobile).

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