April 25, 2014 Last Updated 7:46 am

Update: Publix changes the name of their digital magazine, Gather & Share, in first app update

Launched just nine days ago, Publix has already issued an update to its new digital magazine app – wisely adding the name of the store to the app, rather than branding the app with just the magazine name. Gather & Share is now Publix Gather & Share. (See original TNM post on the new app here.)

screen480x480The move is logical and will help customers of the grocery chain find the app the in the Newsstand. It is also a reminder that it is easier to change out details of an app – its name, the app description – than it is screenshots. The app description still only has one screenshot of the digital magazine so the developer will have to work with the Apple app team to add in more shots.

App names are a tricky thing, one has to be careful, especially when launching an app through a third party, not to use up an app name. An app launched simply using the magazine’s name may be difficult to get back if the publisher decides to change vendors. A good rule of thumb is to name your app some sort of variation of the magazine’s name: XYZ can be named XYZ Magazine for iPad, for instance, in order to preserve the XYZ name for later.

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