April 25, 2014 Last Updated 9:40 am

Comcast accuses Netflix of sabotaging some of its own video streaming customers

It’s pass the popcorn time in the war between Comcast and Netflix. If you recall, Netflix came out strongly against the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger in its earnings report. Now Comcast has responded and laid a pretty interesting accusation against Netflix: that is is the one responsible for the poor streaming quality some of its customers experience.

Here is Comcast’s response in full:

Netflix’s argument is a House of Cards. But there is no need for us to engage in a point-counterpoint with Netflix to demonstrate the continued distortions and inaccuracies on which it relies. As we and other industry observers have already noted, Netflix’s decision to reroute its Internet traffic was all about improving Netflix’s business model. While it’s understandable for Netflix to try to make all Internet users pay for its costs of doing business (as opposed to just their customers), the company should at least be honest about its cost-shifting strategy.

Comcast has a multiplicity of other agreements just like the one Netflix approached us to negotiate, and so has every other Internet service provider for the last two decades. And those agreements have not harmed consumers or increased costs for content providers – if anything, they have decreased the costs those providers would have paid to others. As at least one independent commentator has pointed out, it was not Comcast that was creating viewability issues for Netflix customers, it was Netflix’s commercial transit decisions that created these issues. No ISP in the country has been a stronger supporter of the Open Internet than Comcast – and we remain committed both to providing our customers with a free and open Internet and to supporting appropriate FCC rules to ensure that consumers’ access to the Internet is protected in a legally enforceable way.

– Jennifer Khoury, Senior Vice President, Corporate and Digital Communications in Public Policy

I seriously doubt that Netflix will let this sit. Look for something from them before the weekend arrives.

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