April 23, 2014 Last Updated 10:23 am

LiveDeal gets Apple approval for their restaurant discount app

The local restaurant discount app for the iPhone from LiveDeal has been approved by Apple and is now in the App Store. LiveDeal issued a press release last week basically saying “hey, what’s up? Our Google Play app is live. Why isn’t our Apple app?” Today it is.

LiveDeal-iPhone5-lgWe are extremely pleased with the early response we’ve had in beta testing the iOS App. Users have reported it to be very fast and intuitive. Basically we’ve simplified the restaurant deal process. We believe the iOS App will greatly boost user adoption as LiveDeal expands across the country,” said Jon Isaac, President and CEO of LiveDeal.

Clearly LiveDeal thinks getting on the iPhone is vital to their business and were anxious to see it make it through Apple’s App Store team. Currently 92 percent of new iOS apps are approved within five business days after they have been submitted. This is a bit of a smaller percentage than it has been in the past. Ninety-nine percent of updates are approved within five days, according to the Apple developer support page.

Here is the company’s description of this app’s features:

Available online and through Android and iOS apps, livedeal.com is a unique, real-time “deal engine” that connects merchants with consumers. The Company believes that it has developed a first-of-its-kind web/mobile platform providing restaurants with full control and flexibility to instantly publish customized offers whenever they wish to attract customers. The website includes a number of user- and restaurant-friendly features, including:

  • an intuitive interface enabling restaurants to create limited-time offers and publish them immediately or on a preset schedule that is fully customizable;
  • state-of-the-art scheduling technology giving restaurants the freedom to choose the days, times and duration of the offers, enabling them to create offers that entice consumers to visit their establishment during their slower periods;
  • advanced publishing options allowing restaurants to manage traffic by limiting the number of available vouchers to consumers;
  • superior geo-location technology allowing multi-location restaurants to segment offers by location, thereby attracting customers to slower locations while eliminating potential overcrowding at busier sites;
  • innovative proprietary restaurant indexing methodology; and
  • a user-friendly mobile and desktop web interface allowing consumers to easily browse, download and instantly redeem “live” offers found on livedeal.com based on their location.

Restaurants can sign up to use the LiveDeal platform at the Company’s website (www.livedeal.com).

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