April 23, 2014 Last Updated 1:48 pm

Latest Chitika web usage report points to increases in traffic from Samsung tablets

The new Q2 tablet web traffic report from the ad network shows gains coming users of Samsung traffic, mostly at the expense of Apple and Amazon tablets.

The Chitika Insights report has always shown that on the company’s ad network, the Apple iPad rules. But the question one must have is how much is their report skewed towards iPad users. Other reports have shown far stronger gains for Android based tablets in the area of app download and sales. The Chitika report, on the other hand, measures web traffic and ad impressions on sites where the publisher is part of the Chitika ad network. (TNM has had Chitika ads on this website, though they were pulled recently as not delivering relevant advertising.)

Chitika-tablet-usageThe latest report shows that the iPad’s share of web traffic has dropped to 77.2 percent in the first week of April 2014 from 81.3 percent in the same time period a year ago.

Meanwhile, Samsung tablets have nearly doubled their web traffic share to 8.3 percent in the first week of April 2014 from 4.7 percent in the same time period a year ago. Amazon’s Kindle dropped to third place with 6.1 percent of web traffic on the Chitika network. The Microsoft Surface, which finally appeared in the report also grew its share, though it still only accounts for 1.6 percent of all ad impressions.

One other point that must be kept in mind is that this report involves only North American web traffic. Android devices enjoy a fair greater share of the market in certain other markets such as Asia – so read what you will into these reports.

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