April 22, 2014 Last Updated 8:19 am

Amazon subsidiary Alexa launches web analytics service for digital marketers and content publishers

Press Release:

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – April 22, 2014 — Alexa Internet, Inc., a subsidiary of Amazon.com, today launched its web analytics service for digital marketers and content publishers and expanded its current service for site owners. The completely redesigned web traffic analytics service provides businesses with the actionable insights needed to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

The newly revamped service combines Alexa’s substantial benchmarking, competitive intelligence, SEO and on-site analysis capabilities into easy-to-use services for digital marketers, content publishers and site owners. With data updated daily and pricing starting at $9.99/month, Alexa is the only affordable tool on the market providing users with up to date competitive insights and traffic metrics.

“We are constantly innovating on behalf of our customers, and the launch of our service for digital marketers and publishers is a huge step forward for our offerings,” said Andrew Ramm, Alexa president and general manager. “We understand the need to provide real insights to our customers quickly, with fully usable answers that don’t require a data scientist or a black belt in analytics. The new Alexa delivers data so customers can get the exact answer they’re looking for at a glance – whether it’s information on their own site or competitive intelligence.”

Companies need deep insights about the nature of their web traffic, as well as current, detailed information about what’s working or not working for other companies in their category. Alexa’s redesigned analytics experience now provides customers, including those who are not site owners, with access to the competitive performance metrics, including detailed traffic, demographic and keyword analysis that they need to take action.

Alexa digests an extraordinary amount of raw data and delivers analysis, metrics, measurement and insights in four distinct categories of insights:

  1. Benchmark the sites I care about against one another and against the rest of the web. How is one site performing against others in a variety of key categories?
  2. Provide me with competitive insights. What are other sites doing to succeed, how are they driving traffic and what’s working for them?
  3. Make my site better. How can I drive more traffic, improve my SEO and optimize the discoverability, performance, usability and security of my site?
  4. Tell me what’s working. Can I look at deep and detailed analysis of my own site traffic to see if those optimizations are having the desired outcome?

“A web business is all about being nimble and responsive. You can only behave that way when you have the data and insights you need. Alexa’s tools do exactly that and help make our site more discoverable, usable and secure,” said Wildfang CEO & Cofounder Emma Mcilroy. “We’re constantly using the Alexa service to keep tabs on our competitors and what they’re doing to drive traffic. That’s been absolutely invaluable to us.”

Alexa remains an affordable option for small and midsize businesses and continues to offer a range of basic traffic analysis at no charge to visitors at www.alexa.com. The company’s three tiers of Alexa Pro plans add significantly broader capabilities including certified site metrics, enhanced comparative benchmarking services and deep SEO audits, among other features.

For more information on Alexa’s insight tools and reports and to get started with a one month free trial, visit www.Alexa.com.

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