April 16, 2014 Last Updated 3:24 pm

Publix launches new digital-only magazine, Gather & Share, into the Apple Newsstand

While many consumer magazine publishers are not 100 percent sold on the idea that tablet magazines will prove to be profitable ventures (though they recognize that it is worth the effort), those companies that produce customer magazines for promotional reasons understand that extending their brands to tablets probably makes good marketing sense. So, slowly, these branded magazines are starting to appear inside Apple’s Newsstand, and occasionally into Google Play.

GatherShare-iPad-coverGather and Share is the name of Publix Super Markets, Inc.’s customer brochure, and now its digital magazine. Publix is a large supermarket chain of over 1,000 stores in the Southeastern United States. Known by customers as Publix, it is an employee-owned retailer.

As you expect, the magazine is free of charge to download and access. Readers can subscribe to the digital magazine to make sure the latest issues download automatically.

The initial issue inside the Newsstand app (there is currently no Android version) contains the premiere issue of
“Welcome to our first is of Gather & Share, a collection of images and ideas we hope will inspire you to make some plans and invite folks over, even if it’s simply for a casual Sunday supper,” reads the anonymously written introductory column.

The digital magazine issue is modestly sized and contains a one-page story for each month (April, May, June), as well as some promotions for some party platters.

The digital magazine contains no credits, so one does not know if this new digital publication was produced in-house, or by an outside agency.

No matter the case, the tool used here appears to the Mag+ digital publishing platform.

DarkRye-iPad-coverOther supermarkets are, of course, now in the app making game. Kroger, for instance, has a series of stand-alone apps for its brands of stores (Kroger, Ralph’s Fred Meyer, etc.), while the digital grocery solutions company MyWebGrocer has a series of mobile apps inside the Apple App Store for such supermarkets as Albertsons, Brookshire’s and Piggly Wiggly.

Whole Foods is one of the only other markets, though, to have launched a customer magazine into the Newsstand. It’s digital magazine, Dark Rye from Whole Foods Market, was released in December and is described as “an online magazine,” even in the app’s library page.

The online magazine was created for the web in 2012 and has its dedicated own website. The magazine won a 2013 James Beard Award for Group Food Blog. Now the magazine has become a TV series through a partnership with Participant Media.

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