April 16, 2014 Last Updated 10:26 am

LiveDeal submits restaurant discount iPhone app to Apple for approval, Android app live in Google Play

The app enables restaurants to publish real-time, instant offers to nearby consumers

Most companies start their promotion of their new mobile apps after they have gone through Apple app team review process, knowing that strange things can happen once their apps are in the hands of Apple. Generally it takes five days for a new app to make through the process, but if something goes wrong then who knows how long things can get straightened out.

LiveDeal-iPhonestarted promoting its new app today. One reason for this may be that their Android app is already inside Google Play and has been available since April 1. So maybe LiveDeal is trying to put a little pressure on Apple’s team to get things moving (it won’t work, Apple’s press and app teams are oblivious to the real world outside Cupertino).

“The completion of the iOS app is a very significant event for the company because it will allow millions of Apple mobile device users to experience the livedeal.com in a way that is familiar to them,” Jon Isaac, President and CEO of LiveDeal, said.

The company released a promotional video in early November showing how its app works. In the video, one can clearly see that it is the iPhone being used. This same video, by the way, is featured in the app description of Google Play – something that definitely makes the Google Play store one step ahead of Apple’s App Store.

As you can see, the app delivers offers to customers via geolocation services – something also being used by apps such as RetailMeNot Coupons.

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