April 16, 2014 Last Updated 10:13 am

ABM says year-end report shows B2B media segment in the U.S. grew 4.8% in 2013

Ad pages continue to shrink, declining 6.4 percent for the full year of 2013, though digital ad growth increased by 22 percent

The Association of Business Information & Media Companies (ABM), a division of the Software & Information Industry Association, today reported full year data for the U.S. B2B media industry. According to the ABM, the B2B media industry reported revenue growth of 4.8 percent in 2014, an improvement over the growth rate of 2.7 percent the previous year. The ABM says that the growth was spurred by growth in digital advertising and data/business information.

Digital advertising grew by 22 percent, according to the trade association.

“Business-to-business media is sitting on a gold mine of customer data and business intelligence, and companies appear to be taking advantage of it,” said ABM Managing Director Mike Marchesano. “B-to-b media companies are increasingly offering business intelligence with quality, actionable insight into customer behavior. Growth should continue as the media and information companies continue to blaze new trails as a result of recent acquisitions and partnerships with data and market research companies.”

Print ad pages continued to fall in 2013, with the year-end Business Information Network (BIN) Report showing pages falling 6.4 percent for the year. The last year that B2Bs showed an increase in ad pages was 2011 where pages grew a bit less than one percent. The fall in pages really accelerated following the fiscal crisis of 2008. Ad pages in 2013 were down 35 percent from 2008 levels, according to the BIN reports.

“While events have remained the industry’s largest revenue generator, we’re seeing dramatic gains in data and digital ad revenue,” Marchesano said. “These areas are more than making up for the decline in print advertising and leading to accelerating overall growth.”

The report from the ABM complies information on revenue from different sources measuring events, print ad pages, digital advertising and data. Revenue tends to be more difficult to track due to rate card and actual billings. But with the diversification of many B2B media companies, print advertising is becoming a smaller share of a company’s total revenue generated.

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