April 8, 2014 Last Updated 4:55 pm

Adobe drops support for Android content viewers on Kindle Fire devices in latest release of DPS

The latest version of Adobe DPS was recently released and the notes on what’s new in this version has a few media app developers scratching their heads.

The new version of Adobe DPS, version 30.1, has a web-based DPS App Builder of native Android. But it is what it says about Kindle Fire support that has garnered attention:

Drop of Amazon Appstore and Kindle Fire Support

adobedps-newapp-lgAdobe will no longer support Android content viewers on Kindle Fire devices and is removing the ability to create an in-app purchase experience through Kindle Newsstand and Amazon Appstore as part of a staged effort.

The option to create a native Android viewer that supports in-app purchase of single issues and subscriptions through Amazon marketplaces was removed from the Web-based DPS App Builder.

This same capability will be removed from the desktop DPS App Builder with the v31 release (scheduled for June 2014), affecting the legacy, AIR-based Android viewer.

This change has no impact on existing Android apps currently published to Amazon marketplaces or to other DPS supported Android marketplaces such as Google Play Store.

TNM has reached out to Adobe’s press team for comment and a further explanation.

Adobe also noted that DPS will drop support for InDesign CS5.5 and CS5 in its version 32 release. These older version of InDesign will still be able to create content for DPS, but when the content is uploaded to the Folio Producer Service the designer will need to have InDesign CS6 or later to do so. Obviously, though subscribing to Creative Cloud will not be affected.


TNM reached out to Adobe for more details. On Friday, April 10, an Adobe representative responded with this further explanation:

“This change has no impact on existing apps already published in Amazon marketplaces. In addition, customers can still build new apps for the Kindle and Amazon marketplaces without using Amazon’s in-app purchase. In-app purchase is not used in cases of publisher direct entitlement or for most corporate use cases. We are focusing on the use cases, devices and marketplaces that are most important to DPS customers.”