April 7, 2014 Last Updated 12:10 pm

Microsoft offers new Skype TX for broadcasters, solution heavy on branding requirements

The use of Skype in television broadcasts has grown over the years, even when the quality of the transmissions have not always been the best. Microsoft must have seen this as a marketing opportunity as they have introduced Skype TX, part of its the Skype in Media offering.

skype-logo-resourcesMicrosoft calls Skype TX “studio grade,” designed and optimized for professional studio environments. According to the Microsoft PDF guidelines, users will need to have Internet speeds of at least 400kbps upload and 500kbps download, as well as other computer requirements that should not be too hard to meet.

Other requirements might annoy broadcasts, however. For instance, Microsoft says that users “should always reference the fact you are using Skype in your broadcast,” and then lists some examples. The guidelines (PDF link here) also shows all the different ways broadcasters should use the Skype logo. To say that they lay it on pretty think would be understatement.

“The Skype brand is really important to us, so we need to work together to make sure it’s at its best everywhere it’s used,” Microsoft writes.

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