April 4, 2014 Last Updated 7:29 am

Facebook offers free calling via WiFi through Messenger app

Vine also gets an update that adds video messaging

The social networking website Facebook has updated its Facebook Messenger app, adding in free calls over WiFi.

The update comes only a week after another update for the app was released that allows users to create groups, as well as forwarding.

The Google Play app was also updated – a combination update that added in calling and groups in one update.

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Speculation was that Facebook would be adding calling to the WhatsApp. Facebook acquired the messaging app a month and a half ago for the ungodly sum of $16 billion ($19 billion by another measure).

The new voice calling mechanism is the standard calling feature that requires WiFi, but it is a logical addition to a social networking app that would contain plenty of contacts. One might expect other social networking apps to add in the feature in the future.

Also updated today was the app for Twitter’s Vine. The update is billed as the biggest so far and guess what… it adds video messages (that was fast).

Here is the information on the update:

What’s New in Version 2.0.0
This is Vine’s biggest update yet!

We’re excited to introduce Vine messages, or VMs – a new way to have fun and easy video conversations with friends.

Vine-iPhone5-lgYou’ll find the new option “Messages” in the Vine navigation menu.

To send a Vine message, go to the Messages screen or tap the Message button on your friends’ profiles.

Vine messages are one to one. You can send a Vine message to multiple people to start several separate conversations at once.

Found a great Vine video? Simply tap the Share button under the Vine post, then choose “Vine Message” to share it privately. Your friends can respond directly to keep the conversation going.

Vine messages aren’t limited by your Vine contacts, either – you can send a VM to anyone via email or SMS, even if they’re not part of the Vine community.

You can also customize your profile with colors – go to Settings to unlock the full array of options.

This update also includes bug fixes and performance improvements.