April 2, 2014 Last Updated 7:44 am

Apple releases update to iWork Mac and iOS apps, adding in features removed with OS updates

The timing of Apple’s iWork app updates is, well, interesting. Coming days after Microsoft finally got around to releasing their Office apps for iPad, the update from Apple is meant to add back in features that were once in the older versions but were eliminated when not ready for both iOS 7 and Mavericks. The customer complaints certainly had to reinforce the idea that loyal Office customers still would want apps from Microsoft.

iWork-icons-1The Pages update will be particularly welcome by some publishers as it comes with improved ePub export. There is also a new “view only” setting that lets you share documents to view but not to edit.

This same view only support is also added to Numbers, as well as more Excel compatibility tweaks. Keynote gets the share function as well as well as a new portrait layout option in presenter display.

As mentioned, the updates come after the release of Office apps from Microsoft. It must be startling for Apple to see that the top free apps in the Productivity category are no longer from Apple, but are the new Office apps, plus Google’s app for Gmail. In Top Grossing the Office apps are at the top, as well as Evernote.

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