April 1, 2014 Last Updated 7:40 am

It’s April Fool’s Day, the perfect day for a MAD update and a price cut to the Tablet Publishing iPad app

Let TNM be the first to warn you that today is April 1st, or April Fool’s Day if you will. So beware of what you read on the web today, not that you shouldn’t be cautious all the other day’s of the year.

So, to start things off, it might be good to give a round-up of the real news, before the phony news starts appearing.

Apple: no, the iPhone 6, with its 12-inch screen and 4 HDMI ports has not been released today. But the company did tell developers last night to expect to see some changes in some of the prices they see in the App Store. Due to currency fluctuations, prices will be increased for those products priced using the Australian Dollar, the Indian Rupee, the Indonesian Rupiah, the Turkish Lira and the South African Rand. Prices will decrease for products priced using Israeli New Shekels and the New Zealand Dollar.

TabPub-screen480x480Tablet Publishing: Speaking of price cuts… our digital magazine, Tablet Publishing, is getting long in the tooth – that is, a bit old and outdated. The almost 200 page digital-only magazine contains news and features written in the fall of last year and the app was released in November. The Guide to Digital Publishing Platforms is also a bit outdated as several of the companies have made changes to their platforms or their pricing since the app was released.

But we are not ready to pull the app just yet. TNM will eventually move the Guide online, but we’re struggling with the right way to do it. So, for the month of April, the price of the app has been cut to $1.99 (no fooling). If you haven’t checked it out, now may be the time to do it. We don’t pretend its perfect, or even that you will agree with the design decisions, but as one of the few native, interactive B2B magazines out there… Well, $1.99 is not much of a stretch so give it a look.

MADS-screenMagazines: It’s April Fool’s Day, so what better time to issue an update for MAD Magazine. The app description says it has an all-new design for users using iOS 7.0 and higher. I don’t really know what that means since I can’t compare versions as all my iPads are updated. But I am certainly not going to question MAD today, right?

Other magazine apps updated today or in the past few days include France Soir for minor fixes (filmmaker Claude LeLouch is on the cover of the latest issue); Harrods Magazine has issued a major update, bringing the app up to version 3.0; Tribune Interactive has updated RedEye for iPad, one of the better digital publications coming from a newspaper company; and in the area of B2B, Pennwell has updated a number of its titles including Lightwave, EMS Insider, LEDs Magazine and others for iOS 7 compliance (all are produced by GTxcel).

Nuts-cover-featureIPC has announced that is closing its rather crude title Nuts, a lad mag that probably served to prove that while guys can be pretty boorish, most aren’t really that bad. The magazine was launched a decade ago and at one time had a weekly circ of over 300K. But times have been tough and the magazine circulation had fallen to around 53K in its last report.

“After 10 years at the top of its market, we have taken the difficult decision to propose the closure of Nuts and exit the young men’s lifestyle sector,” Paul Williams, managing director of IPC said in a statement. “IPC will provide impacted staff with all the support they need during the consultation process.”

Newspapers: The New York Times Co. announced this morning that they are selling its flagship newspaper to Sergey Brin of Google fame. The move follows the acquisition of The Washington Post by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Brin says the Times will no long be available in print form after 2014 but will be delivered exclusively through a Google Glass edition.

Happy April Fool’s Day and, once again, beware.

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