March 25, 2014 Last Updated 4:34 pm

Round-up: Apple search tweak, NYT reporter blasts Obama administration

The release of iOS 7.1, along with a glitch with iTunesConnect, appears to have slowed down the release of app updates. Many developers are saying that the new OS appears more stable. The iTunesConnect forum still has a notice posted saying that the system is experiencing issues, but this was posted on the 20th, and many developers are saying they are able to get their app submissions through Apple’s system now.

Some tech and rumor sites are jumping on a report that originated with developer Olga Osadcha that Apple may be adding a “related” feature to app searches in order to help with app discovery. On iPhone app searches a user now finds that other apps are now suggested that are related to the search term used for the search.

These sites, unfortunately, are simply jumping to the conclusion that Apple is acknowledging the app discovery issue, something Apple has not done in the past. A more obvious conclusion would simply be that, like Amazon that does something similar, that the company is simply trying to facilitate more app sales.

The real issue is that Apple’s search mechanism is limited with little filtering allowed by the person doing the search.

Risen-smJames Risen, the NYT reporter who is fighting an order to testify in the case of a CIA officer accused of leaking information to him, said during a panel discussion that the Obama administration is “the greatest enemy of press freedom that we have encountered in at least a generation,” according to Poynter which reported on the event. CNN commentator Jeffrey Toobin, however, said that no journalists have actually been prosecuted by the justice department under Obama.

The news media can only follow a story for so long, so the “news” that the Malaysian Airlines flight missing for a week may have gone down off the west coast of Australia may mean the end to the story.

But now is where the trade media will take over. Look for much of the future news about the event to come from B2B magazines that will continue to follow the story until at least some solid answers come out of the investigation.

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