March 24, 2014 Last Updated 1:34 pm

New Greek political tablet magazine makes its debut inside the Apple Newsstand

Sadly, though, there is nothing to see – so why was the app approved by Apple?

It is getting harder to tell whether the Apple App Store team is just asleep at the wheel, or whether they are playing a big practical joke on publishers. Are new publications released into the Newsstand actually reviewed? Or are they allowed in simply to pump up Apple’s numbers?

The serious problem for readers is wondering if the unfamiliar publication they see in the Newsstand will actually produce more issues after the very first one found inside the app’s library, or whether they will end up getting stiffed. Sometimes it is obvious, such when a “published” dumps 50 to 100 look-a-like digital magazines into the store at the same time. One would think Apple, seeing a brand new “publisher” want into their store, might question whether the new developer is capable of producing that many magazines every month.

Newposter-iPadSometimes, though, it is hard to tell if the release of an app has caught the publisher by surprise and so the empty app that appears inside the Newsstand will one day actually be filled with digital editions. That may be what is going on with this new political magazine from Greece, we hope.

Newposter Magazine was just released into the Newsstand by Apple, though whether they actually reviewed the app is a good question. The app, for one thing, contains no issues, so there is nothing to see. The icon, which in the Newsstand should be the cover of the latest issue, is instead a generic icon. That isn’t that strange, some do this as policy, while others do this when an app is brand new.

Also going for this app is that there is a supporting website already publishing and established.

“The first political magazine tablet. The editorial team now on your tablet,” reads the app description.

My guess: they have been caught off guard by their app appearing in the Newsstand. After all, their copy of the “What’s New In This Issue” says this: gsdfgdsfgsdggsd. Either that is badly translated Greek or it is greek (if you know what I mean). This actually happens fairly frequently, but it really shouldn’t. There should be some minor threshold a publisher should achieve before being allowed into the Newsstand. I think a logical requirement would be that the publisher already have a print edition, or, if digital-only, have a digital magazine ready for downloading at the time the app is approved.

So I think we can cut Nicholas Chatzis, the owner of the developer account, some slack. But what about Apple? Should brand new digital publications be allowed inside the Newsstand without a first issue ready to go, one that can be previewed by readers. This app has no screenshots, no cover, and no first issue features mentioned. I guess what I am saying is that I have no idea if Nicholas Chatzis is a good publisher or not, but I certainly know Apple is a bad newsstand manager.

  • David Pilcher 4 years ago

    I’ll be curious to see what kind of reviews it gets. . .

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