March 21, 2014 Last Updated 6:02 am

Zinio updates iOS app, attempts to tackle the last of the bugs introduced with iOS 7

It is no secret that the introduction of iOS 7 has been a headache for many developers who have had to issue numerous updates to their apps to get rid of bugs. One of the apps that may have been experiencing issues is Zinio, the digital newsstand.

Zinio-screen-appdesZinio issued an update to its digital newsstand app for iOS that first mentions iOS 7 on September 16 of last year with a casual mentioning of the new Apple mobile OS in its app description.

Two months later came the first update related to the new OS, version 2.5.6 which said “fixes for iOS 7 – more stable, fewer bugs.”

But only three days later another bug fix update had to be issued to fix an issue with subscription purchases. Two later yet another update was issued to fix log-in bugs for owners of original iPads, or those still using iOS 5.1 (talk about a specific bug fix!).

Then in January, following more complaints from uses, Zinio issued a crash and bug fix in version 2.5.9. But only two days later came an update that Zinio said was “highly recommended for all users. It resolves new crashes and bugs.”

Last night came the latest update, version 2.5.11, which not only fixes bugs, but makes some user interface changes – the first update in a long time that is not solely about bugs. It is possible that with the introduction of iOS 7.1, that developers will find things going a little more smoothly. As for Zinio’s update, so far, at least, all seems to be well.

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