March 21, 2014 Last Updated 5:07 am

MAZ releases mobile web browser for iOS: Stream Web

The digital publishing platform company MAZ Digital has released its own mobile web browser for iOS called Stream Web. The new browser for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, is described by the company as a social, gesture-based web browser.

StreamWeb-iPhone5-lgThe introduction is related to its platform addition, Stream, a social layer that lives on top of MAZ-built apps.

“With Stream Web, we are bringing the power and beauty of Stream to — you guessed it — the entire web,” the company said on this website blog. “Instead of sharing URLs, you can now share clips of actual content. And each clip, whether it be an image, text, or both, serves as a link back to the original source. So you are still sharing a link, but it’s a visual one instead of the same old ugly text. Then you can visit your Stream at any time to see a real-time feed of everything you’ve ever shared or saved.”

Stream-webbrowser-iPadThe web browser market is pretty crowded, with Google’s Chrome growing in usage, along with Safari, so the question would be ‘do consumers really need another web browser, especially one that is not directly tied to a device or mobile operating system?’

Maybe, but it is nice to see something new in this area, and since the browser is free of charge to download, it might be worth checking out.

Most of the important elements users should be aware of are in the Settings area where the user can log-in or create a Stream account in order to save clips. Under Settings you can find sharping options, where one can set the default search engine (Google is preset), adjust font sizes, and log into a Pocket account, where articles can be saved for later reading. One can also set advanced gestures.

The app was released a week ago, but last night an update bringing the app up to version 1.1 was released into the App Store. No doubt the update, like many others, was delayed by Apple’s iTunesConnect outage yesterday.

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