March 21, 2014 Last Updated 1:08 pm

In rare move, paper goes from tabloid back to broadsheet

In a rare move by a newspaper, The Daily News (Jacksonville, NC) will be converting from a tabloid back to a broadsheet, the traditional size for a newspaper. The paper will increase from its 15 inch size to 22 3/4 inches in size, the paper announced.

The biggest complaint readers had with the move to a tabloid format was the lack of sectioning.

“Many of the complaints concerned a lack of sectioning — in its current tabloid format, pages run continuously in a single section,” the paper said. “With the return to the traditional size, known in the industry as broadsheet, The Daily News once again will be divided into sections, with separate sections focusing on different content, such as sports and classifieds. The width of the page also will be slightly larger.”

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