March 20, 2014 Last Updated 5:04 am

Update: developers report Apple’s iTunesConnect outage end

The iTunesConnect site continues to be down, many hours after it was first reported that developers were having a hard time uploading new or updated apps into the system. However, the first updates are finding their way through the system and some developers are having luck.

The support forum current shows the following message concerning the outage:

“We are currently experiencing an issue affecting import, processing times, and app creation in iTunes Connect. We are working diligently to resolve this issue, and appreciate your patience.”

The Starbucks update made it through earlier today, and just now an update for Time Inc’s app for PEOPLE Magazine has been released.

Update: Late Thursday evening: developers are reporting that their app updates are now making their way through Apple’s iTunesConnect system, though the Apple developer support page still shows a message confirming the outage. Updates are appearing in the App Store now.

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