March 19, 2014 Last Updated 7:17 am

The Independent’s new app for iOS and Kindle Fire gets an update

App uses PageSuite to produce both an interactive and digital replica edition of the newspaper

The new app for The Independent has received an update to provide minor produce improvements. The completely rebuilt app was released into Apple’s Newsstand on February 18 (see original TNM post here).

TheIndy-iPad-front-lgFrom PageSuite’s app announcement: “For the interactive app, selected editorial content is divided into sections and then fed into pre-designed templates which work in both portrait and landscape mode. Tablet optimized editions can be published multiple times per day, keeping the content up-to-date and ensuring that readers have access to the latest news stories. The streamlined workflow means that minimum resource is required to create and manage this feed-driven app.”

“The Independent’s app features built-in subscriptions that provide users with full access to the daily edition and supplements which can be downloaded and read whilst on the move. The Independent offer a 7-day, one-month or annual subscription which can be purchased within the app. Inside the app readers will also find IAB standard MPU and Leaderboard ad units, plus high-impact full page interstitials which enable the publisher to monetise the interactive edition and generate digital revenue.”

The launch of the new app for The Independent follows a similar launch for the London Evening Standard. The new app for the LES was released in November.

“We know from user feedback that while some consumers are happy reading the PDF of the paper each day, others want a more interactive and up to date edition on the tablet,” Simon Fry, Mobile & Tablet Product Manager at the Independent, i and London Evening Standard said. “This new app allows us to provide the best of both to our readers with an interactive edition updated several times a day and PDFs of the paper and all magazines and supplements. It also provides great commercial opportunities for brands, and makes the buying process simple by utilizing ad formats with which they are already familiar.”

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