March 18, 2014 Last Updated 9:33 am

Bitcoin Magazine comes to the Apple Newsstand – but no Bitcoins accepted, of course

The advantage of digital newsstands are that they can introduce new titles that one might not find on a physical newsstand, especially now that those newsstands are becoming fewer and fewer. As anyone can produce a magazine on any topic, I suppose it should not be surprising to learn that there is a magazine devoted to Bitcoins – but until the magazine launched an app into the Apple Newsstand I was not aware of it (the magazine does get distribution through Barnes & Noble, according the magazine’s website).

BitcoinMag-iPad-coverTOCBitcoin Magazine has been in print since its launch in May of 2012 and has produced 18 issues to date. The app, Bitcoin Magazine, comes with six issues available in its store page – and strangely, the most recent issues are not among them.

The magazine is the creation of Mihai Alisie (seen below-left). A Romanian, who the website states had no prior experience in publishing, and which states created the first issue from his living room. Today, the magazine’s official address is Atlanta, Georgia, which is also the home of Elizabeth Ploshay, the manager of communications, and the owner of the developer account which the new app appears inside Apple’s Newsstand.

The digital edition is almost a replica in that the layouts very strongly mimic print. But the app appears to be using the Mag+ platform and so as you go through the latest issue (I downloaded Issue 15) one starts to find scrolling text boxes and other features common to the platform.

The cover, seen above, is used for the table of contents, as well.

Alisie-smWhile the design is in portrait, there is at least one place in the digital edition where the reader is told to turn their tablet to landscape to read more.

The website states that one can get the print edition for $8.88, but the digital editions sell individually for $2.99. An annual subscription is $29.99. And, no, you can not pay in Bitcoins through Apple’s system.

The new app was released into the Newsstand last week, so it is possible that the newer issues will appear inside the app’s library soon. The app is, one must mention, also universal. But the app description contains more screenshots for the iPad version, so it looks as if that is the way the digital edition was designed.

  • Nick Martin 4 years ago

    I love seeing unique and super niche magazines like these. It really shows that if you have a special hobby, idea, subject or following you can absolutely create a small niche magazine about it.

    Ok BitCoins are perhaps not a small niche, but I had honestly not thought they would also have a print version! That’s just amazing 🙂