March 17, 2014 Last Updated 2:52 pm

Update: Focus Publishing releases 6 more photography magazines into the Newsstand

Two weeks ago TNM posted a story about two new photography magazines released into the Apple Newsstand: Lenscape Magazine and Shifra Magazine. The two new digital-only magazines came from Focus Publishing, which had promised new tablet titles a year ago, but as none had arrived one had to wonder if they ever would – but here they were.

Well, it turns out that there were more coming, and since writing about those new Newsstand apps six more have appeared. This means that Focus Publishing now has 14 apps for the iPad inside the Apple App Store, of which 13 are Newsstand apps.


Laboile Magazine and Sunscapes Magazine

The new releases:

Laboile Magazine: a six time a year magazine from French photographer Alain Laboile. Annual subscriptions are $19.99, while individual issues are $3.99 (there are other options, as well). The app appears to use the Magetc solution, which involves Adobe DPS.

Luposolo: This magazine’s app description also mentions Magetc (the other four do not). This also involves the work of a single photographer, in this case Bert Wolfe. The app description says it is published annually, but offers a single edition at $3.99 or an annual subscription at $5.99 for 2 issues, so the reader needs to have faith a second issue will come into the app within the next 12 months.

Sunscapes Magazine: Also a 6 time a year publications, priced at $14.99 per year, or $3.99 for individual issues. Unlike the previous title, this one revolves around a central theme.

Floral Foto Magazine: this magazine features the work of Endre Balogh and says there will be six issues in a year with an annual subscription priced at $14.99, with single editions again priced at $3.99.

Analogue Photography Magazine: this six time a year magazine concentrates on film photography (rather than digital) and has the longest app description of the bunch, which tells me that this one is an attempt at a brand new successor for Focus Fine Art Photography Magazine. The subscription price is $19.99 for an annual sub, with single issues priced at $4.99.

Photogarry Magazine: This is the only one of the new titles that says it will produce 12 issues in a year. The new tablet magazine features the work of Garry Gay, and each issue will feature 50 photographs taken from his 5,000+ collection of work.


Top-left: Luposolo; Top-right: Analogue Photography Magazine;
Bottom-left: Photogarry Magazine; Bottom-right: Floral Foto Magazine


One question that might immediately come into the minds of any publisher is how are all these new digital magazines going to be produced each month? Will the photographers be in charge of some of the work, or does Focus Publishing intend to do the work?

David Spivak, who IS Focus Publishing, told me a year ago that he wanted to move in the direction of offering digital publishing services to photographers, galleries and others, and he certainly has done that with all these new digital editions – eight launched in less than a month.

According Spivak’s LinkedIn page, he has launched Focus Art Apps to make this happen – and according to the website, the new company is designed more like a service than a publishing house. For instance, the site says cost to produce a digital magazine is $199 per month for an iPhone app, or $299 for an iPhone/iPad app. But this makes little sense since none of these new apps, and only Lenscape Magazine of the previously released apps, is available for the iPhone.

This is now the third time I have written about Focus Publishing and it always feels a bit like walking through a mine field. The first story centered on the new digital magazine Exposures, launched one year ago. That new digital magazine was supposed to publish six times per year and is selling annual subscriptions for $19.99. But one year later a second issue was ever produced. One reviewer inside the App Store asks “Did this company go out of business and/or stop publishing their magazine or something?”