March 17, 2014 Last Updated 11:51 am

Mozilla says it will stop developing for Windows Metro due to low number of users

Despite claims by Microsoft that it is selling thousands of licenses for Windows Metro, the developer of the Firefox browser announced Friday that they will end development for the OS due to the low number of usersFirefox-Metro.

Mozilla started developing for the new Microsoft operating system in late 2012, and had high expectations for users, Johnathan Nightingale, VP Firefox, said in a blog post.

“In the months since, as the team built and tested and refined the product, we’ve been watching Metro’s adoption. From what we can see, it’s pretty flat. On any given day we have, for instance, millions of people testing pre-release versions of Firefox desktop, but we’ve never seen more than 1000 active daily users in the Metro environment,” Nightingale said.

While Microsoft has been announcing license sales, these figures only give a hint to the number of machines the OS will be installed on. But researchers looking at web traffic continue to see Metro lagging behind other systems, something Mozilla must be seeing, as well.

“Mozilla builds software to make the world better, but we have to pick our battles. We’re not as tiny as we were when we shipped Firefox 1.0, but we still need to focus on the projects with the most impact for our mission; the massive scale of our competitors and of the work to be done requires us to marshal our forces appropriately,” Nightingale said

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