March 17, 2014 Last Updated 11:13 am

GTxcel updates some of its Texterity replica apps, including BtoB; Apple updates store apps

It is always odd to see a magazine that has been shuttered have its app updated. But it makes sense, readers who have archived issues may want to review those issues and so will want their app to not crash. One of those dead titles, Crain’s BtoB Magazine, was updated this weekend as part of a series of updates issued by GTxcel.

BtoB-iPad-update-lgGTxcel has 44 stand-alone magazine apps in the Apple App Store which appear under its former name of Texterity. Slowly the company has been updating the apps, introducing a few iOS 7 related changes, as well as some sharing features. In this latest round of updates ten apps have been targeted. A week earlier a smaller group got updates, and a week before that others.

The apps are, of course, replica editions as the company is known for its flipbooks. There is a built-in way to access text versions of the stories which is clunky, but works (layouts are all in-line).

The real reason for the apps is the added ad real estate found on the bottom of the screen. In the case of BtoB the ad that showed up was for another publisher IDG. Now that Crain has shuttered BtoB I suppose they can’t complain, but it is odd to see an ad for one publisher on the app of another.

AppleStore-iPhone5-lgApple has issued updates for its Apple Store apps. These are the apps used in-store that allow you to act like a big shot when shopping at an Apple store: just grab something, scan the barcode and exit the store, very cool. The app has been around for a while now and I find it strange that other stores haven’t picked up on the idea in order to facilitate sales. The apps also access the online store.

The Apple Store for iPad update adds in gift card buying online, while the iPhone app, simply called Apple Store, brings its push modifications to the lock screen.

These are minor features, so it is more likely that the app updates were necessary in response to the recently released iOS 7.1 update (wouldn’t want your own store app to be buggy).

With the release of iOS 7.1, we’re in a bit of a lull as publishers and developers wait to see if customers discover new bugs inside apps due to the operating system update. iOS 7 was particularly brutal on developers, and most hope the recent update will prove inconsequential.

  • Bryan Dunn 4 years ago

    Hi D.B. Just wanted to make a couple corrections regarding GTxcel apps:

    – Unfortunately we do still have a few publishers with their apps under our licenses (GTxcel or Texterity) but most publishers that use our platform have their own developer’s license. We have somewhere around ~350 apps in each of the 3 stores (Apple, Google Play, Amazon)
    – We’ve always supported banner ads, but did add lots of new functionality in our last release (release notes – We usually do at least a release a quarter and try to resubmit every one of our apps twice per year.
    – While the majority of our customers still use Flipbooks, we do have a platform that leverages responsive design that’s seeing a lot of traction.

    Thanks, and keep up the good writing.

  • Jeff Buddle 4 years ago

    I was Web Director for BtoB before it was shuttered and absorbed into Ad Age. It’s not that unusual to see IDG on the BtoB app. They were an advertiser of ours for many years.