March 17, 2014 Last Updated 10:48 am

Digital First Media to begin launching mobile apps using the Rumble publishing platform

Rumble also announced last week the acquisition of Blue-Goo, a digital creative agency

The newspaper company Digital First Media has announced that it will launch new mobile and tablet apps using the Rumble digital publishing platform. Previously the company had outsourced this to Spreed.

Despite its name, Digital First Media has been lagging far behind other media companies in developing its own digital products for mobile and tablets, preferring to outsource to third party vendors.

PDN-iPad-lg“Rumble isn’t just a platform or a technology. Rumble is a team – a partner – dedicated to growing audience, driving revenue, monetizing content and providing media partners with a genuine competitive edge,” John Paton, CEO of Digital First Media, said in the announcement.

Rumble has 24 apps in the Apple App Store that appear under their own developer account name. It is not known if the new apps will launch under their account or under the name of the publisher. Other papers that use the platform, such as the Philadelphia Daily News (pictured above-right, launch them under their own account names. All Rumble tablet editions, whether for the Philadelphia Daily News or the Chattanooga Pulse, are identical in design – and as the apps are really mobile news apps, driven by RSS feeds, they are not technically tablet editions of the print newspaper. Because of this, the apps are stand-alone apps, rather than found inside the Newsstand.

Last year Rumble launched free apps for the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association, most likely in order to build up an ad network. It is not known if this is the model being employed with Digital First Media.

Last week, Rumble announced the acquisition of Blue-Goo, a Tel Aviv-based digital creative agency. Avi Neeman, Partner and Creative Director at Blue Goo, will become Creative Director at Rumble.

Having in-house design expertise will ensure that we give publishers a creative edge as they grow their mobile business and make Rumble the preferred partner for mobile publishers,” Rumble CEO Al Azoulay said.

Note: I’ve asked what newspapers may be first to have their apps changed over to Rumble but have not heard an answer back as of yet. This story will be updated if new information comes in.

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