March 17, 2014 Last Updated 11:52 am

Adobe releases version 30 of the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

The Adobe Digital Publishing Suite is now on version 30 as of today. The latest version is designed to achieve greater consistency across tablet and mobile device platforms, as well as allowing for encrypted content within DPS apps.

With this release, the technical specification for the .folio format will be available under a free license, as Adobe hopes to encourage newsstand to produce their own view apps capable of displaying digital publications created using Adobe DPS.

Native Content Views: with the release of version 30, Adobe tries to make the reading experience for digital publications built for Android and Windows more like that for Apple’s iOS devices. To build a native Content Viewer for Android the developer uses the AIR-based, desktop DPS App Builder, which is a Mac app; or the new Web-based DPS App Builder, which will will work on Mac or PC.

Encryption: the new version of Adobe DPS now enables encryption of .folio files, protecting information as it is delivered from Adobe secure servers into DPS apps on iPads and iPhones.

Information Screen: The Information Screen allows the developer to present special offers, cross sell related content or display information specific to the app at any point in the reading experience. The feature is designed to improve reader engagement and boost marketing efforts.

Text and Push Notifications: The new enhanced text notifications are designed to help publishers more efficiently deliver push notifications to remind and promote content already available within the app’s library. There are also expanded measurement capabilities to allow publishers to have a better understanding of how their push notifications are performing.

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