March 14, 2014 Last Updated 4:06 pm

Comcast updates mobile services app, changes icon and name for consistency

Users of the Comcast mobile app for voicemail and email services may scramble a bit trying to find the app once it has been updated: the app has a brand new icon, and the app has changed name.

XConnect-iconThe XFINITY Connect app is used by Comcast customers who have voice and email services with the cable company. The new app appears under the Comcast Cable Communications developer account. The other Comcast apps, such as for cable services, the TV remote app and others, appear under the Comcast Interactive Media developer account. That accounts has 8 iPad apps, and 11 iPhone apps (in Google Play they are a bit mixed up together onto the two account names).

The move is really to make the icons of a similar design across the brand. Where as most of the apps were a bright red, the new apps are now black – not much of a change, but at least they didn’t go with pastels like Apple seems to prefer now-a-days. My guess is Comcast stays with this look far longer than Apple will its look.

Here is the ‘what’s new’ info:

What’s New in Version 4.2.7
-Improved Email and Voicemail Sync
-Fixed issues with Call Forwarding
-Bug Fixes
-New App icon

Note : App name on your device will now change to ‘Connect’.

  • Keith 4 years ago

    Good that they are thinking about a common visual theme. I kinda liked the old red icon for Xfinity Connect or i guess i was used to it. The new one looks good too.