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WoodWing releases Enterprise 9.2, with new connector enabling the centralized publication to WordPress sites

With Enterprise 9.2, WoodWing also officially released the support for Adobe InDesign CC and InCopy CC

Press Release:

Zaandam, The Netherlands – March 13, 2014 — In its early days it was primarily seen as a simple blogging tool, but WordPress has been continuously expanding toward becoming a mature Web CMS. As a result, the distinction between traditional blogs and full-featured websites is becoming increasingly blurred.

The system is rapidly gaining acceptance by media and brands, including Forbes,, and (all US), Metro (UK) as well as Piaggio Group Americas (Vespa), Justin Timberlake and many more. According to WordPress, 409 million people view more than 13.1 billion WordPress pages each month.

Publishing to WordPress in three easy steps
The new WordPress connector for Enterprise enables publishers and brands to transparently integrate WordPress as a new channel in their publishing and communication processes. In Content Station, the editorial management application of Enterprise, publishing to a WordPress site follows the same easy three-step process as for any other digital channel: Creation of a dossier, authoring of text and images, and the immediate publication of the article.

With Enterprise 9.2, WoodWing also further simplifies repurposing of content. Article components and other content published to WordPress sites can easily be reused in social media, mobile, other CMS systems, in print and on tablets – and vice versa.

Smooth production of online, digital and print content
The latest version of Content Station now eases the editing of the properties of any number of files at one time, a huge time saver when facing production deadlines. For example, users can quickly update properties of multiple assets such as their status, next assigned worker in line, copyright information, and other metadata.

In print production and tablet publishing, Enterprise Server enables users of InDesign and InCopy to access all content through WoodWing´s Smart Connection panel directly from within both applications. They can conveniently search and browse, open layouts, place images, save versions, and route documents to others according to the pre-defined workflows. The Smart Connection plug-in now allows the replacing of an image in the layout with a file in a different format – all while the version control features of Enterprise help keep track of the changes.

With Enterprise 9.2, WoodWing also officially released the support for Adobe InDesign CC and InCopy CC, which successfully passed an intensive public testing.

“In order to help our customers to stay competitive, we always strive to further optimize existing processes based on customer feedback, while at the same time providing new features reflecting market trends and new opportunities,” said Dennis van Nooij, Vice President Product at WoodWing. “The new version 9.2 of Enterprise and Content Station offers a well-balanced mix of both.”

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